The goal for lifesaving activities is to reduce the aquatic accidents as much as possible.
A beach clean was the beginning of our activity as Shimoda LSC in 1978. This was followed by:

  • the first participation of women lifesavers in Japan (1987);
  • the first junior program was conducted in Japan (1990);
  • the first venue in Japan for the World Lifesaving Championships, "Rescue 92" (1992);
  • activities as a local club since 1978;
  • support from the sponsor "SHIPS (apparel company)"since 1994;
  • the first official sister-club with Maroochydore SLSC signing ceremony held at Shimoda (1999) and the establishment of NPO Shimoda Lifesaving Club (1993)


This is also the history of Japanese Lifesaving development.
As the leading club we have been, I would like to add two new goals to our objectives and keep our activities progressive.

1.We will strive to develop lifesaving activities as one of the cultures in Japan.
2.Lifesaving should be an enjoyable activity, in which children can participate with enthusiasm.

Kuniaki Eda
NPO Shimoda Lifesaving Club

Maroochydore S.L.S.C.
Maroochydore S.L.S.C.