1978 Patrols began on the Ohama, Tatato, and Irita beaches at Kisami, Shimoda-city.Established Australian style system 'Japan Surf Life Saving Association' located in Shimoda.
1984 Patrols began on the Shirahama beach, Shimoda
1986 The first "Japanese Surf Carnival" was held at Shirahama in Shimoda. This became an annual event until 1998.
1987 Women lifesavers joined the club and were called 'para-nurses.'
1990 Junior lifesaving activities began in Shimoda.
1991 Japan Surf Life Saving Association (located in Shimoda) and Japan Life Guard Association (located in Shonan) were amalgamated into the Japan Lifesaving Association prior to the World Lifesaving Championships held in Shimoda.
1992 The World Lifesaving Championships "Rescue 92" were held on the Shirahama beach at Shimoda.
1993 Established Shimoda Life Saving Club, which was more local community oriented.
1994 Patrols began on the Yumigahama beach at Minami Izu Town Junior Lifesaving program started.
SHIPS Company Limited (major apparel company in Japan) began to support the club as a sponsor. They have been continuously supporting us as our major sponsor.
1996 Japan Life Saving Grand Prix called 'Kisami Classics' began on the beach at Kisami. It has been held on this beach every season since 1996, with the name changing to 'Kaikyu'.)
1999 Sister Club Exchange Programs officially started with Maroochydore Surf Life Saving Club.
2005 Established Non Profitable Organisation (NPO) Shimoda Life Saving Club registered to Shizuoka-prefectural government.
2007 The 20th Japan Individual Lifesaving Championships, which used to be called Surf Carnival, were held on the beach at Shirahama, Shimoda.
2009 Champion at the Japan National Surf Lifesaving Championships held in October.
2010 Champion at the Japan National Surf Lifesaving Championships held in October.
Maroochydore S.L.S.C.
Maroochydore S.L.S.C.