What is Life Saving?

The goal of lifesaving is to protect the general public with Vigilance and Service in aquatic environments, by trained personnel offering preventative advice and safe bathing areas. Surf Sports training and competition are also included in this goal, as these activities improve the techniques for rescuing anyone in distress in the water.

Life Saving is an activity in which anybody can participate. Those who cannot swim or are physically disabled, can also participate in the activity, based on a spirit of social and voluntary humanitarian service towards the rescue of a human life.



What is Lifesaver?

Those who participate in lifesaving activities, are called Lifesavers.


Also in narrower terms, those who have lifesaving awards are qualified lifesavers.


It is also an important role for lifesavers to educate the public as much as possible about lifesaving activities.

*extract from the "Surf Life Saving Textbook" by the Japan Lifesaving Association

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